Instant IPO


A stock market listing is an important step in the development and growth of a company. Our independent listing professionals are entrepreneurs themselves and take a practical and solution-orientated approach. We ensure that you as an entrepreneur receive all the relevant information to make the right decisions for a listing.

With more than 25 years of stock exchange experience, we at INSTANT IPO know the individual company requirements and have continuously optimised fast stock exchange listings in line with these. The INSTANT listing enables stock exchange aspirants to implement their IPOs quickly at a significantly reduced cost, while the companies can concentrate fully on their business.

The independent stock exchange professionals at INSTANT IPO also have an expert network of auditors, lawyers, tax advisors, etc. at their disposal, enabling them to develop and implement innovative solutions for multidisciplinary or cross-border issues.

Part of the INSTANT concept is to tailor stock exchange listings to the needs of companies, focussing on what is necessary. This significantly speeds up the IPO process, saving valuable company resources such as time and capital.

We are happy to analyse the individual requirements of your company and support you in deciding whether an IPO, a listing or a shell/SPAC transaction is the best option for your company.

On the following pages we have compiled essential knowledge on the subject of stock exchange listings for you.