Instant IPO


INSTANT IPO enables individual, independent, time- and cost-efficient stock market listings for companies in any industry. There are three different routes to the stock exchange to choose from:

(IPO – traditional IPO)
Rreverse IPO, Reverse Takeover, Reverse Merger, Cold IPO)
Immediate access to the stock exchange
(DPO - Direct Public Offering - pure trading start)

In addition to the realisation of traditional initial public offerings (IPOs) or pure listings (DPOs), INSTANT IPO's special expertise lies in particular in the segment of reverse IPOs/SPAC transactions (reverse IPOs, reverse mergers or reverse takeovers, RTOs for short). Shell companies/SPACs offer companies considerable advantages, particularly in terms of time savings and cost efficiency.

INSTANT IPO supports companies in every sector in the phases before, during and after the IPO, i.e. at the time of going public and being public.

As an official capital market partner of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange, we have successfully positioned a large number of companies on the stock exchange. Our track record ranges from up-and-coming technology start-ups to established property groups.

The stock market professionals at INSTANT IPO can look back on an expertise of over 100 successful listing transactions. As an established market leader in the segment of shell company/SPAC transactions, we have more than 70 trade introductions in this area alone.