Instant IPO

Stock exchange shells / Listed shelf company (AG / SE) - Immediate - Listing
With the help of a company that is already listed on the stock exchange, you can theoretically get started on the stock market within 24 hours. Both stock corporations (AG) under German law and European stock corporations (SE - Societas Europaea) based in Germany are available. The SE regularly offers advantages over the AG that result from its European legal form. On the one hand, it enables a cross-border transfer of headquarters within 30 countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) without the need for dissolution or re-establishment. On the other hand, it opens up the possibility of choosing between two benefit systems that differ in the organization and control of society. The monistic management system follows the Anglo-Saxon model and consists of a board of directors that assumes both management and supervision. The dualistic management system follows the continental European model and consists of a board of directors, which carries out management, and a supervisory board, which carries out supervision.
Listing (pure admission to trading)
Listings (pure admission to trading) of existing companies on all German stock exchanges. Is your company already a public limited company? Then a direct listing can also take place once the necessary requirements have been met. Compared to a shell company transaction, this process is more time-consuming and can take several months. Depending on the scope of the measures required to make the company marketable, the costs may also be comparatively higher, but this must be checked on a case-by-case basis.

Is your company a limited company or does it have a different legal form? Conversion to the legal form of a public limited company from other legal forms is possible, but complex, time-consuming and cost-intensive. To reduce the time and costs involved, the purchase of a shell company is usually advantageous in this case. The existing business can then be transferred to the shell company as a contribution in kind or the shell company can be set up as a holding company.
Initial public offerings (IPO)
Of course, we also organize your classic initial public offering (IPO). With our network of auditors, tax consultants, banks and notaries, our independent stock market professionals organize your issue support and structuring.
From the formation of a new company to the start of trading
Of course, our stock exchange professionals will also support you from the formation of a new public limited company through to its introduction to trading on all German stock exchanges. This procedure is naturally more time-consuming than the acquisition of a shell company/SPAC. There are no legal, economic or technical advantages to founding a new company, only emotional ones.
Official capital market partner
As an official capital market partner of the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange, INSTANT IPO has independent and competent expertise in all questions relating to trading introduction and capital market support.
Capital market communication
Together with our partners, we support you in professional capital market communication between your company, the stock exchange and your shareholders. Nowadays, the requirements for modern capital market communication go beyond the area of ​​mandatory communication. One part of this is investor relations management.
Capital market support
Our independent stock market professionals support clients in structuring internal and external processes for a capital market-orientated corporate alignment.
Corporate actions
Together with our network, we support customers in implementing cash and non-cash capital increases with and without subscription rights as well as stock splits.
General meeting
We support clients in the planning and organisation of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings.
Sales brochures
We also support customers together with the INSTANT IPO network when drawing up sales prospectuses for corporate actions and moving to higher stock market segments.
Quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports as well as business reports
Quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports as well as annual reports We also support clients in the preparation of half-year, annual and annual reports.
Register applications
Our independent stock exchange professionals also assist our clients with the planning and implementation of register applications relating to various changes in the legal form or organisation of the company. These include, for example, changes to management mandates, relocation of registered offices, changes to the business purpose or company name and other amendments to the articles of association. Our stock exchange professionals advise our clients individually in order to organise register applications smoothly and with legal certainty. We also support our clients in communicating and coordinating with the relevant authorities and registers.
(Re-)structuring issues of MBOs and M&As
Together with our network partners, the INSTANT stock market professionals also support customers with complex questions regarding the structuring of MBOs and M&As.
Transparency and publicity requirements
Of course, we also support customers in complying with transparency and publicity requirements as well as in formulating corporate news and ad hoc reports.
Secondary listing / segment change
Of course, our independent stock market professionals will also support you in organizing secondary listings on other German and international stock exchanges as well as planning and implementing segment changes.
Company formations
Our independent stock market professionals also support customers in setting up additional companies.
Conferences & Presentations
Customers are also accompanied and supported by our independent stock market professionals at capital market conferences, press conferences and investor presentations.
Office services
As an interim service, we also offer customers assistance with LEI applications, commercial register and transparency register entries, Federal Gazette publications, trademark registration, domain registration as well as accounting and mail processing.