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IPO vs Listing vs Shell company (SPAC)

In contrast to traditional, time-consuming initial public offerings (IPOs), listings (DPOs) and SPAC/shell company transactions have one thing in common: in these cases, the IPO takes place without an upstream subscription phase. The regular advantage of this is that admissions to trading and SPAC/stock exchange shell transactions are easier to plan, control and implement.

Pure listings and SPAC/stock exchange shell transactions differ in that, in the case of listings, shares in an existing company can be included directly in trading on a stock exchange once it has been determined that the company is ready to go public and the application has been successfully submitted. In the case of a SPAC/shell transaction, on the other hand, a company seeking to go public acquires a company whose shares are already listed on a stock exchange. A SPAC/stock exchange shell transaction thus enables immediate access to the stock exchange, theoretically within 24 hours. After the acquisition of the listed company, the business of the company seeking to go public is then incorporated into the listed company.

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