Instant IPO

Fast lane to the stock exchange

In contrast to traditional initial public offerings (IPOs), the advantages of listings and SPAC transactions are that they are more cost-efficient and can be planned and implemented much more quickly, so that the companies seeking to go public are not slowed down in their actual operational activities by lengthy regulatory or bureaucratic processes.

In addition, market phases are easier to predict and manage due to the shorter planning horizon. There is also less need for coordination because hardly any external service providers are involved in the processes.

The shell/SPAC transaction enables immediate access to the stock exchange and thus offers the fastest way to go public.

The stock exchange professionals at INSTANT IPO have been offering innovative solutions for shell/SPACs for more than 25 years, which are both specifically geared to the entrepreneurial needs for time and cost optimisation as well as expediency and fully meet the requirements of the stock exchanges.