Instant IPO

10 listing-advantages

Through a stock market listing, a company can obtain equity capital from a large number of shareholders and investors. The company can use this capital to finance further growth, launch new projects or repay existing debts.

A stock exchange listing gives shareholders easier access to liquidity. They can buy or sell their shares on the stock exchange, which is a considerable advantage compared to private companies, where liquidity can be limited.

A stock market listing enhances a company's reputation and credibility. It shows that the company reports regularly, which increases the relationship of trust with investors, customers, suppliers and business partners

Stock options and stock bonuses can be offered as part of employee compensation packages. This can help to attract and retain talented employees as they can benefit from the increase in value of the company.

A stock market listing enables investors and analysts to compare the company with others. This facilitates the valuation, the understanding of how the company's value is created and the view of its financial performance.

Listed companies often have easier access to debt capital as they are seen as less risky or their shares are also used as a valuation benchmark. This can lead to more favourable credit conditions.

A stock market listing offers an opportunity for founders and early investors to sell their shares in the company and realise profits.

A stock market listing increases the visibility of a company and strengthens the bond with existing customers.

The use of shares as a currency for mergers and acquisitions offers listed companies a crucial opportunity to tap into additional growth opportunities.

Discover the potential of a stock market listing for your company! You can achieve a noticeable increase in value by listing on the stock exchange. Unlike unlisted companies, which are valued solely on multiples, the stock market price often takes into account additional growth and profit forecasts, which are reflected in a higher company value. Even a small increase in the multiple can mean a considerable increase in value.