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INSTANT IPO SE is Europe's first independent company specialising in fast IPOs. You want for your company: Access to new capital, more attention from investors, greater financial independence, a better rating in the financial world and/or a higher media profile. They can achieve all of these goals with a stock market listing.

INSTANT IPO SE organizes and coordinates initial public offerings (IPOs) for small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in every industry.

INSTANT IPO SE is the market leader in the field of shell company and SPAC transactions. The fastest way to go public is to buy a company that is already listed.

INSTANT IPO SE assists companies with a direct listing which, in contrast to IPOs, are realised without an upstream share issue or subscription phase.

Boost your company

Boost your company

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INSTANT IPO realises individual, independent, time- and cost-efficient stock exchange listings for companies in every sector, tailored to the respective company’s requirements.

The stock exchange professionals at INSTANT IPO are entrepreneurs themselves and know from practical experience how to think and act in a company-orientated way.

Our track record ranges from up-and-coming technology start-ups to established property groups.

INSTANT IPO’s special expertise lies not only in the implementation of traditional initial public offerings (IPOs) or pure trade listings, but also in the segment of shell company/SPAC transactions (reverse IPO, reverse merger or reverse takeover, cold IPO), as shell companies offer considerable advantages to companies seeking to go public.

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"An entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a desire to create."

-David Karp